WBF is a Web-Application for product selling companies, orders, sales and deliveries.It can also be used in the to complete a purchase order and generate challan, bill of selling products and other production-related documents. It is a tool for organizing record that before was generally stored in hard-copy form or in spreadsheets.

Project description

WBF is a Inventory System with Billing and Franchise.

Simple, efficient ,Stock maintain and Billing Software.Specially designed for small businesses.Optimize your inventory and keep track of your stock at all times. Get accurate stock levels in real-time as stock comes in and moves out.

At the core of the WBF operates an inventory system with integrated Product stock and selling features. A database of products, customers and contacts tightly integrated for the purpose of efficient inventory management and sales order processing. The WBF is designed to reduce the time required to manage your inventory and allows you to manually change stock levels.

General Features

Multi-Company Handling

Separate Entry for each Company

Customized User Rights for each Screen

You can use at any number of Computers

Online support

Back - up facility

Stock Manage

Stock management is the function of understanding the stock mix of a company and the different demands on that stock. The demands are influenced by both external and internal factors and are balanced by the creation of purchase order requests to keep supplies at a reasonable or prescribed level.

Sales Orders and Invoices.

Create sales orders in seconds and convert them to invoices in a click. Also know the status of each sales order at a glance.

Purchase Orders and Bills.

Create purchase orders in a few clicks and turn them into bills. Receives and bills are connected so that you know how much available stock you have at all times.

Partial Receives.

Receive products in multiple shipments for a single purchase order and automatically update stock levels when the goods have been received.

Barcode Integration

Keep track of items by assigning barcodes to them. Scan items into sales orders and invoices, and avoid manual data entry.

SMS Integration

In this module, there is a facility of direct SMS of Bulk SMS to Debtors, Creditors, Field Staff and any account group, Personal Directory, Excel List (software auto select Mobile Numbers from Excel Sheet), SMS Ledger Statement to Party, SMS Outstanding to Party/Field Staff and Mobile Identifier (Location Search). Even you can SMS bill detail to Party regarding New, Modify, New & Modify, Print or After L.R.No. Feeding, Item detail with Item Name / Item SMS Code (Short code), Party Balance with bill detail, Item detail / not delivered items / both.

Even you can SMS regarding Post Dated Cheque& Bank deposit reminder and also SMS Receipt or Payment thanks SMS to Party.Moreover you can also e-mail / SMS the report generated from the software.

Product Features

Dashboard : Easily track the flow of application

Product : List of products and also can be ad newly introduced product

Product Details : Brief details of perticular product

Customer Details : Can view your customers list with brief introduction and also add new customers.

Stock : Can maintain your product stock and add new product stock

Invoice : Generate the retail invoice

Challan Master : Can generate challan for purchase order and print challan

Purchase Order : Can maintain purchase orders from all your franchises

Bill Generate/Print : Can print the bill in suitable formate with detailed information

SMS Integration : SMS to the franchises and customers

Email Integration

1.Sleek Interface Design

WBF software looked this good or been this simple to operate. The intuitive design makes it one of the most accessible software available.

2.Does all the Hard Work

WBF for Client will do all the work for you. From calculating to formatting and printing, even delivering invoices to your customers.

3.Create beautiful invoices

Provide Modern, easy-to-read invoice templates boost your customers’ trust.

4.Tax, Retail & Excise Invoices

Make new financial documents like Excise, Tax & Retail invoices. All have the same templates, professional design and are optimized to be compliant with law.

5.Service Tax & Tax Groups

We fully support Service Tax, with Education Cess and SHE Cess listed and applied appropriately. Also, you can add taxes in a group and apply them to any product.

6.Fast & Time Saving

WBF is one of the fastest invoicing software solutions available online. It won’t just help you edit beautiful invoices but will also e-mail them instantly to your clients, even as PDF’s.

7.Quick and detailed reports

WBF doesn’t just help you create invoices but also offers comprehensive reports on your clients, payment , services and everything else you need to know in order to run your business as efficiently as possible.

8.Adapts to Your Needs

Our billing software will improve itself as you use it. It can learn and remember data for clients, customers or products and, when needed, activate the autocomplete service.

Specialized retail billing software to address unique needs

1. Supermarket

2. Fruits & Vegetables

3. Groceries & Departmental Stores

4. Pharma & Healthcare

5. Apparel & Footwear

6. Electrical & Electronic

7. Lifestyle & Fashion

8. Specialized Retail

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