Project Management System

PMS is a great product. It's easy-to-use, quite powerful, and flexible. Creating a Project, and maintaining a project, is a science and art that has quickly evolved. These are some of the features that make PMS the most powerful project management software on the market.


PMS is a great product. It's easy-to-use, quite powerful, and flexible. Creating a Project, and maintaining a project, is a science and art that has quickly evolved. In order to fully appreciate this, It is important to be well read on the subject. One major thing to keep in mind is your investment of time. Being knowledgeable will without a doubt save you much time in the long run.

Complete Control

The Dashboard gives a quick overview of all your projects. PMS shows everything you need to know at a glance.

Easily Navigate your Projects

A list of projects on page allows you to easily select from all your projects.

All Recent Activity

The PMS activity stream keeps you completely up to date with the progress of your Project.

Visualize Your Projects

Visualize your projects with PMS charts. See quickly and easily how your project is panning out. You can then reschedule your project with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Task Management

Task lists and tasks help you easily keep track of every job on a project, quickly .

Project Management

These are some of the features that make PMS the most powerful project management software on the market.

What You Most Need to Know About PMS(Project Management System)?

Get the points of PMS……

> Getting started

> PMS basics

> Functionality of PMS

> Modules

> Services

> User friendly


> Admin

> Project head

> Marketing

> Requisition

> Purchase

> Payments

Benefits of PMS

Document control becomes very effective, less tedious and faster

All users can access their relevant function from any PC through PMS.

No question of any document getting misplaced and no danger of using obsolete documents leading to possible loss to the organization.

Records of all functions available at the click of a button.

Vast amount of data available for all monitoring & measuring parameters of each function.

Reminders available for all major functions / activities to be done like delivery, purchase, payments, goods etc.

Internal reports, their analysis, quotation, purchase, requisition, project, payments, inventory etc. available at any point of time easily without any transfer / reference of documents.

Saves lot of time & reduces unnecessary paper work & paper consumption.

Secured password protected rights to all users with designated allocation of work / usage

Main Modules of PMS

Marketing, Purchase, Requisition, Combine Requisition, Update RA, Combine Ra (By Project’s Product), Edit Measurement, Product List, Product Planning, Scrap, Reminder, Challan, Out Challan, Payment, Contractor, Employee, Management, Inventory, All Reports (Excel ,PDF , Word Format), and Auto mailer System

Marketing Department…

When ever any new inquiry comes in, it has built in functionality to handle it.

Rate analysis.

Rate Analysis can be made a brand new one of can copy from existing Database.

Rate Analysis is highly flexible and can change items as per customer requirements.

Creating new inquiry will not be visible to any other department for abstraction reasons.

Admin can track inquiry and made real time suggestion.

Inventory is incorporated so any items if available can be put to priority which lead to save lot of companies money.

Project Head

Can make planning for product.

Can divide work to department and work to individual.

Can keep track of progress of project.

Re assign task.

Extend dates on fly.

Requisition / Supervisor Department

Once the RA is created and the customer/Admin agrees on price.

Supervisor for the site is filling up requisition i.e.

One project can have many products and all of them may need Clips.

So now all clips can be purchased together and can transport together.

Which obviously saves money since Goods are bought as whole and Transport together.

Now the common problem what all of us have faced in past is.

We created RA for one brand and by the time when it need to be fill up requisition we all ready forget or to lazy to find actual section for that.

Which leads to loss of company

Now the locked copy of RA is available to supervisor and all following departments so all departments can on same page

System keeps checking if the requisition matches the locked RA only those items can be in requisition which the RA has mention in

Constraints on Requisition

Can only made requisition of items mention in RA

Can not exceeds the quantum of any item more than it should

Note :

Other items can be purchase and can easily incorporated

Hardware and special Items can be easily purchase even when not mention in RA

If misplace of an item or loss of any item can be taken care in software itself

Purchase Department

View all the requisition on figure touch

   > Keeps track of old purchase

   > Keep track of price of RA and if the same item is available in inventory

   > Get all three prices

   > Price of RA

   > Any discount get from vendor

   > And total price for that particular item again RA

Constrain on Purchase

Can make purchase for only those goods which has requisition filled in Can not make purchase more than the price of particular item All section numbers are available so no cases of wrong input

All purchase can be tracked in real time so no case of late delivery


PMS is very advance project which is made to meet all the daily and long term demands of fabrication industries.

Its working successfully on many satisfied clients.

Its scalable robust and highly secure

It made abstraction as well as inter department connectivity easy

Any person can use this software and there is no real learning curve to it

It saves lot of money per project and from reports can make better planning for future projects

We make sure that all our customers are satisfied and get all technical support they might need

Do you want cool product?